Tuesday, February 22, 2011

vote for the hat

Got an image into the recent Upstart project.  As well as providing an alternative to all those horrid visages on the Election posters the project is intended to highlight creativity and the arts. My contribution looks a bit archaic and incongrous (and dare I say obvious?) next to all the hip graphics (Archie Templar's excellent effort notwithstanding). Haven't spotted where mines is located though - if you do please let me know.

UPDATE: A very nice person from the campaign posted photos of the poster in situ - see below.


(Any similarity to The Hat is entirely coincidental.)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Park is unresolved

The cover of The Park mini-comic was a bit of a wrestle and what I settled for finally in the previous post still doesn't quite nail it.

It was to be a wraparound cover to emphasise the theme of the story. This was the first shot which felt a bit cluttered and over-textured:

This simplification didn't seem to solve things:
In hindsight I think it's the story itself that prevents the cover coming together.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Mortal Tedium

John Robbins 'Mortal Tedium' is now available from the Blackshapes shop here. As with all John's books it comes highly recommended.

As an added incentive buy any 2 Bockedy Book titles and get a free 'The Park' mini - unavailable elsewhere.

Notey Note

Paul Francis has kindly put one of my notes up on his blog. While you're at it check out Paul's intriguing and brilliant web comic Back Then.