Monday, June 03, 2013

2D Festival Sketches

Just back from another awesome 2D Comics Festival - just a really good buzz there and the best one so far.

Part of the fun is getting to do quick sketches on request from the various attendees. I actually did a bit of homework this year trying to learn the obvious superhero characters - but I didn't get asked for any of those ones!

'Draw someone tasting something they don't like:'
'Draw a robot putting on clothes:'
'Draw the Hulk:'
'Just a beast - whatever you like:'
Hairy Beasty
'Death *something* (a 90's superhero?):'
Death something
Unspecific request but has to be an unconscious Moebius swipe.
Moebius swipe
The Flash (yes, I know it's wrong).
The Flash
Green lantern (yes, very wrong).
Green Lantern