Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Comic Cast Where's Larry interview

I sat down for a jive-talking chinwag podcast with the Comic Cast all about 'Where's Larry' and what else is on the cards - listen to it here!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Media Larry

If you haven't heard it already - a lovely stop press review of Where's Larry over on the Comiccast.

Also a nice considered review in the Echo:

Furthermore a mention and a competition to win a copy in Ireland's favorite airbrushed celebrity cover star TV listings mag the RTE Guide:

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Larry on the loose

I've been holding off on the Larry related posts till now just to make sure he's actually in the shops but I've had the book first spot today in Chapters, Parnell Street, Dublin - there was only one left and all so better make it snappy if you want one from there!

Larry in Chapters 02

They're down in the Irishy kids section at the moment.

Larry in Chapters 01

Expect a slew of Larry stuff in the next few days.

Saturday, June 09, 2012


You heard it here first folks! I hereby renounce comics as a means of personal expression and commence the sequenta-picto-saga 'The Mega Men' beginning with the story of Generico below. His powers are to make all television like the X-Factor, all music sound like Adele and all beer taste like Coors lite. He won't rest until the world is like one big pan-continental multi-plex cinema/airport.

Only joking. It's a pencil sketch left over from 2d in Derry that I've inked and coloured.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Where's Larry almost landed

Great news - I just got my author copies of 'Where's Larry' from O'Brien Press and it looks the business with a topper job on the print production.

Keep an eye out for it in shops very soon - official release date is 21st June but if you're careful you might spot him sooner.

Where's Larry book
Procurement from your local bookshop is always preferred but if you must go online it's available from Amazon as well as the  O'Brien Press website.

On the Glendalough scene a certain amount of conflation of the main elements was necessary.
To go from this:


into this, getting the angle just right:

You won't see these groovy cows on the final print spread though - they're just behind the textbox:

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

2D sketches

The 2D comics festival in Derry this past weekend is a great laugh to exhibit at. It's very family orientated and exhibitors do simple sketch requests for free as part of the participation. Usually you get asked to do at least a few sketches of superheroes with which I have little or no experience of and it's a bit of fun to do a version as close as memory will allow. Please excuse the poor cellphone quality pics:

Man Bat
Wolverine and Sausage
Wonky Batman
Here are some other ones - Optimus Prime (I just did the head to save all the fiddly robot body bits): 02062012(002)
Emo dude from my Chemical Romance (from a photo ref): Gerard Way
Finn from Adventure Time (I've never seen this show and I think the chap who asked me to do the sketch showed me a reference on his phone from someone's manga version of the character): Finn
Finally I got to do one of my own characters - the artist guy from 'Weird Face' but the person never came back to get the drawing!: Artist from Weird Face
I didn't get to photograph any of Paddy Lynch's sketches who was beside me at the fest but he was really knocking them out of the park - check out his tumblr for similar class: