Tuesday, June 05, 2012

2D sketches

The 2D comics festival in Derry this past weekend is a great laugh to exhibit at. It's very family orientated and exhibitors do simple sketch requests for free as part of the participation. Usually you get asked to do at least a few sketches of superheroes with which I have little or no experience of and it's a bit of fun to do a version as close as memory will allow. Please excuse the poor cellphone quality pics:

Man Bat
Wolverine and Sausage
Wonky Batman
Here are some other ones - Optimus Prime (I just did the head to save all the fiddly robot body bits): 02062012(002)
Emo dude from my Chemical Romance (from a photo ref): Gerard Way
Finn from Adventure Time (I've never seen this show and I think the chap who asked me to do the sketch showed me a reference on his phone from someone's manga version of the character): Finn
Finally I got to do one of my own characters - the artist guy from 'Weird Face' but the person never came back to get the drawing!: Artist from Weird Face
I didn't get to photograph any of Paddy Lynch's sketches who was beside me at the fest but he was really knocking them out of the park - check out his tumblr for similar class: http://patrickl.tumblr.com/

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