Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Work from Autumn term 2015 Visual Storytelling course

Details on Spring 2016 term course here.

As part of the Visual Storytelling night class, each participant works on their own graphic short story which is collected into a class anthology booklet at the end of the course.

The Autumn 2015 session in the Galway Arts Centre was the first time I gave the course in Galway and there was some excellent work in the final booklet. The anthology is called Inklings and you can download and read the full booklet here (pdf 7.8mb).

Below is the cover of the booklet and following that a selection of spread excerpts from inside:

Declan Carroll:

Celeste Auge:

Michele Corcoran:

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Visual Storytelling - comics making night classes Spring 2016

Visual Storytelling night classes are happening again for Spring 2016.

If you're in Dublin go along to the excellent Elida Maiques' classes in Marino College, Fairview.
They are happening at the end of January on Monday nights, 7-9pm - €80 for 8 x 2hr classes.

Enrolment evenings are at the College in Fairview on the 18th and 19th of January from 5-8pm or email to register your interest. More details on the image below:

If you're in Galway I'll be doing the classes at the Galway Arts Centre and beginning on Tuesday 26th January from 7-9pm and continuing each following Tuesday night.

Students will learn the basics of comic storytelling and each create their own multi-page, black and white story for inclusion in a class anthology, a copy of which they will receive at the final class.

The focus will be on storytelling through words and pictures with an emphasis on personal and autobiographical work. The class does not require previous drawing experience though it will include hints and tips on cartooning, design and other related visual skills.

Each class will include hands-on practical exercises as well as ‘homework’ for the following weeks. Materials will be provided for the first class.

See the work from the Autumn 2015 round of the course here.
See the work from the Autumn 2014 round of the course here.
See the work from the Spring 2014 round of the course here.

Just to note this is a mixed levels class - from beginners up to intermediate. I'm confident most participants will get something out if the class but if you've already done previous comics work (or are even remotely interested) it's well worth checking out the excellent Comics Lab who have regular monthly meetings in Dublin. Likewise the Dublin Comic Jam which also meets regularly. And indeed the Galway Pub Scrawl which meets fortnightly in McSwiggans pub in Galway.

Signing up

Galway (8 weeks x 2hrs = €90)

To reserve a place contact reception at Galway Arts Centre, 47 Dominick Street, phone 091 565886 or email Book online at the Galway Arts Centre website here.

Email me directly for any questions - philip dot barrett at gmail dot com (dot = .   at = @).