Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rory Mc Conville Portfolio

I did the covers and the print production stuff for this collection of stories from Rory McConville's excellent Tumblr series. He has got a bunch of different artists to illustrate his scripts. Some great stuff in there all united by Rory's slightly askew view of the world - I mean that in the best way.

Amongst other things I'll have some copies available from my table at this weekends Dice Comic Expo - come and say hola and get the book while it's hot!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Comics Evening Course - Past Work

Details on current courses here.

A key component of the course is creating your own short comic story which will be printed in a class anthology, a copy of which you get at the end of the course.

Last year saw an excellent and varied selection of creators make some really great work which was collected in an anthology called 'Tales from the Gutter'. You can download the full anthology and have a read here (pdf 10mb).

Below is the cover which featured a character from each contributors story and following that a selection of pages from the comic:

Dr. Benway’s Experiments - Stephen Kennedy

Bunny and Girl - Ruth Redmond

Hero - Derek Keogh

Coins Only - Isabella von Metzradt

Trinkets of the Gods - David Murtagh


Groundwork - Ken Mahon

Kith and Kin - Karen Harte

The Staff of Power - Shane Halpin

Lipstick and Bananas - Sarah Bowie

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Comics Nightclass - Visual Storytelling - Autumn 2014

I'll shortly be teaching the 8 week evening course in comic making again. It's called Visual Storytelling.

*amendments in red below*

It's going to be on in Marino College in Fairview, Dublin and will begin on Monday 29th September from 7-9pm and continue each following Monday night.

Students will learn the basics of comic storytelling and each create their own multi-page, black and white story for inclusion in a class anthology, a copy of which they will receive at the final class.

The focus will be on storytelling through words and pictures with an emphasis on personal and autobiographical work. The class does not require previous drawing experience though it will include hints and tips on cartooning, design and other related visual skills as well as information on the layout and print-production aspect of comic book creation.

Each class will include hands-on practical exercises as well as ‘homework’ for the following weeks. Materials will be provided for the first class.

See some of the excellent work from the last session in January here.

The course will consist of 8 weeks of 2 hour classes. The overall cost for the course is €80. Sign-up for the course is Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd September at Marino College from 5.30-8pm. You can also reserve a place by emailing adulteducation at (at = @) or calling Marino college at 01 833 2100 or 01 833 9342 

More details on sign-up and the postal enrolment form here.

Email me directly for any questions - philip dot barrett at gmail dot com (dot = .   at = @).

Friday, September 05, 2014

Note again

Some more notes from the Blackshapes Books Double Deal package.

Announcing the last chance to get your own note. I have a number of final notes that I'm going to do and that's it! You'll still be able to get both books for a cheaper price but the package won't include a note. See many more notes here.

Most notes actually include some colour as per the example above (usually I'm only scanning the black and white version).

If you've ordered a package and haven't received it yet it will be soon - I just mailed a bunch today.