Friday, September 12, 2014

Comics Evening Course - Past Work

Details on current courses here.

A key component of the course is creating your own short comic story which will be printed in a class anthology, a copy of which you get at the end of the course.

Last year saw an excellent and varied selection of creators make some really great work which was collected in an anthology called 'Tales from the Gutter'. You can download the full anthology and have a read here (pdf 10mb).

Below is the cover which featured a character from each contributors story and following that a selection of pages from the comic:

Dr. Benway’s Experiments - Stephen Kennedy

Bunny and Girl - Ruth Redmond

Hero - Derek Keogh

Coins Only - Isabella von Metzradt

Trinkets of the Gods - David Murtagh


Groundwork - Ken Mahon

Kith and Kin - Karen Harte

The Staff of Power - Shane Halpin

Lipstick and Bananas - Sarah Bowie

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