Saturday, February 24, 2007

Demento Memento - part 1

after Kees Van Dongen Woman with Hat

after Alexej von Jawlensky Spanish Girl

after Amadeo Modigliani A Student

after Otto Mueller Self Portrait with Nude

I had been thinking of putting together a small zine of the ink wash type sketches I'd been doing in my sketchbooks. A selection of the sketches were scanned and a rough layout version of the book assembled. The collection didn't seem to gel though. The toned wash effect was difficult to reproduce in photo-copiable form and there was no overall common theme. Looking at the project again I can see there were some different sets of connecting threads - though not enough of each to justify a zine of their own. This set were copied from tiny black and white thumbnails of the pictures in question from an old 'Introduction to Painting' type art history book.

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