Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Gazebo and Comiccast Launch

If you're in Ireland and you're about Dublin city on Wednesday 9th July come on down to the launch party for Gazebo (a comic Liam Geraghty and I did) and The Comic Cast (a new Irish-based comics podcast hosted by Craig O'Connor and Liam Geraghty) and say hullo.

LOCATION : Downstairs in Thomas Reads, Dame Street, Dublin.

DATE/TIME : Wednesday 9th July / From 7.30pm

Music on the night from Schmackey and the Salads and Mary Bellos.

Gazebo (cover above) will be on sale on the night too.

The Comic Cast is a new fortnightly comic-book (both superhero and indy) based podcast. Every two weeks the show will alternate between a discussion show (comics news, comic book films, etc) to an interview show (interviews with mainly Irish artists/writers/designers/illustrators). The first podcast is available to listen to/download now at www.thecomiccast.com and the first interview podcast is with Chris Judge which will be available from the launch party date (Chris did the deadly two heads banner art above).

Liam put together some rather groovy youtube trailers for Gazebo here
and the comic cast here.


  1. That looks Awesome! Great cover, Phil!

  2. I echo Mike's sentiments. That cover is one of your best works. When I was looking at the stuff you had on display at The Jem, I kept trying to figure out whose work it harkened back to, and I realized looking at the new issue of Hotwire comics today, it was Dave Lasky. You are (or were) Vancouver's own Dave Lasky! From me, the highest praise indeed.
    Great to see you still shaking things up comic-wise over yonder. I'll try and check out that pod-cast.