Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Notes

Good old Salvo put up one of me notes on his Blog recently. You must have a thorough look at his stuff - the lad is brewing up something insane and inspired in the Irish midlands and drip feeding us addictive doses. Word has it something printed is imminent (or should that be immanent) - I am tenterhooked.

Edit: Stop press Addendum
Even as I was writing the above, winging its way to me via an post was the following 'Note to Philip' from Salvo himself. Astonishingly sharp draftmanship in stark contrast to the grubby missives I do be sending - pure class. And not a dash of whiteout - I thought for a brief second it was a printout - what a wonder!

Here are a few older notes of mine:

I should acknowledge: this note thing is Robert Crumb 'Your Vigor for Life Appalls me' inspired - that book is a collection of his early letters to pals, quite often accompanied with hand-drawn covers. Highly recommended book if you can track one down.


  1. gerroutovit phil, your stuff is of a gorgeously crisp standard as well.

  2. Your stuff DOES have a lovely cleanliness to it.
    And you`re a dab hand at the aul fonts as well.
    I`m not jealous at all....