Friday, June 19, 2009

Beyond the Valley of the Notes


  1. The Clientele?! Nice, they're a good band. I love their song Rain. Listen to it all the time.
    Saw them live a few years ago, and a friend of mine became friends with them when she was living abroad for a while.

    Brilliant art again, Phil!

  2. First time I've visited your blog Phil, and I'm seriously impressed. Your inking is gorgeous; mighty fine indeed.
    Hats off sir!
    Hope to see you again at some point, t'was an honour sharing the stage with you at 2D.

  3. @Mike - cheers dude! Yup its that Clientele band alright. I do be nervous seeing a band I like on record live for the first time - this lot did not disappoint. And I was thusly note inspired.

  4. @Moondog - thanks a million for the nice words Stephen. Most flattering coming from yourself!
    2D was a great laugh but I was sorry I didn't get to hang around longer that evening for a proper chat. Hopefully will rectify that at some point soon!