Sunday, September 27, 2009

24 Hr Comics Day

As well as the eponymous endurance test of enthusiasm that is the 24Hr Comic draw-athon itself, this years 24 hr comics day on the 17th and 18th October in the Central Hotel Dublin has a host of other fantastic events.

In a super team-up with the Children's Book Festival there'll be workshops galore including:
  • a free for all mega-huge page comic jam
  • a pop-up book workshop with the multi-talented Maeve Clancey
  • a make your own mini-comic workshop from Bridgeen Gillespie and yours truly
  • a manga drawing workshop from real bona fide Japanese mangaka Tsuyoshi Ogawa
  • a hideous beast drawing workshop from illustrator Sarah McIntyre

Those good ol' boys from the Comiccast are doing a round table on getting started and self-publishing in comics.

There'll even be a 24 themed anthology available on the day as well as the usual reading corner featuring the very best in international mini-comics!

Click here for the Facebook group and email to sign up - quick!

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