Friday, January 16, 2015

Comics Evening Course - Autumn 2014 work

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In previous rounds of the course each participant works on their own graphic short story which is then collected into a class anthology booklet, a copy of which everyone receives in the last class.

The class of Autumn 2014 did a bunch of excellent work and each participant contributed a 4 page story. The anthology is called Pick N'Comix and  you can download and read the full booklet here (pdf 7.5mb).

Below is the cover and following that a selection of pages from the comic:

Simon the Pear - Ceili Braidwood

The Purr-fect Plan - Helen McCormack

You Come Back - Katherine Foyle

Shambles - Maria Butler

Warhorse - Rob Shiels

The Diord Fionn - SeƔn Hogan

A Hero Dublin Deserves - Tara Ferguson

Have a look at the work from the class of Spring 2014 here.

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  1. Some lovely stuff here. For what it's worth, Salvo approves of the ongoing creation of grids and pictorial/sequential formations on white surfaces.