Thursday, December 03, 2009

Just What I Always Wanted

'Just What I Always Wanted' is an exhibition of Irish comic-book art exhibition on display in Twisted Pepper, Abbey Street, Dublin from Dec 1st - Dec 12th.

Organised by them ComicCast lads, all the pieces are for sale and all the proceeds go towards Temple Street and Crumlin Children's hospitals. If they ain't sold by the 12th they'll be going up on ebay until they blooming well are.

Have a gawk on the photos part of the facebook page to see some of the class artwork in there.

As well as contributing a piece I got to do the poster above. It took me a few attempts though. Here was the decided upon thumbnail:

I made a bit of a bags of the legs and had to lengthen them in photoshop. Even so it just didn't look quite right:

When in doubt stick in a cute girl. But maybe not one with an elongated bigfoot style arm:

Ah sure it all came together in the end. Thank goodness for colour.

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