Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2D Gallery Appearance and New Book

As a bit of a precursor to this year's 2D comics festival in Derry from 3rd - 5th June there is an exhibition of Irish Comic Art in the Void Gallery till the 4th June at which I have a couple of pieces. More details on the flyer:

I'll be at the festival on Saturday 5th June at which there should (hopefully) be the launch of 'The Human in Me', a 60 page collection of my short strips. There are over 20 pages of new material and any stories that have appeared before are out of print so if you missed Matter #11, Matter #9, Matter #3 or Lint - the cream of which is herein.

P.S. It'll be up for sale on the website very soon.


  1. That cover is superb, ol' chap. Looking forward to getting my mitts on it.


  2. I would literally murder someone to get hold of that book.

  3. @comiccast and @mike - thanks guys!
    @ Paul - not necessary! I'll set you one aside. Please no redrum!

  4. Nice one Phil,
    drop me a line when it's out and I'll fire you a few groats. I bought you a new comic off Missy but she said you already bought one. Shall I send it anyway as guessing it'll find a good home with one of your mates?