Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Where's Larry?

Last year the majority of drawing time was taken up with my new book coming out from O'Brien Press in June.

'Where's Larry?' follows Larry the Leprechaun around some of Ireland's most famous tourist sites with the aim to spot him and his pals among all the hi-jinx. O'Brien Press recently added a preview of the St.Patrick's Day Parade spread to their blog which you can check out here.

Each week between now and the launch in June I'm going to be posting some background bits and notes on the production.

For starters here's the finalised version of the cover:

Here are some of the cover roughs that didn't make it:

The crowd took a while to draw but nailing Larry's expression was more tricky - as I mentioned somewhere before it's a fine line between mischevious and sinister:

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